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Exhibition of photographs and wood carvings "Piornedo de Donis, The Living Past".
The exhibition was composed of old photographs retrived from documents in the museum. There are comments by Isolina and wood carvings by López Antón (framework and artistic carvings). It has been exhibited on several occasions: in the administrative building of the Xunta de Galicia inLugo, in Fonsagrada County Museum, at the premises of the Association O Texeiro in Piornedo and the CEIP in San Román de Cervantes

Book "Piornedo of Donís, The Living Past".
Based on previous exhibitons and wherever the exhibiton was held, the public showed great interest, in the book, so much so that the Provincial Council has published the book, which also includes collaborations by Xavier Alvarez (design and layout) and Fuco (drawings).



Polavilas were “get-togethers” held in the pallozas, especially during the winter as this was the time when there was more time to spare. They told stories, read out aloud, played cards or even danced to the sound of the pandeiro (large tambourine). In the museum we still hold polavilas in which we invite a group of traditional musicians to spend an evening with us as in days gone by. We always count on the presence of Polavila, a trio from Piornedo who play the pandeiro and who are striving to revive this musical instrument which until only recently was almost forgotten..
So far numerous groups have taken part in our polavilas - groups and musicians as emblematic as A Quenlla, Carlos Nunez, Os Frebudos de Lugo, Sito Carracedo, Juanjo Fernández ... and we must say this always creates a special atmosphere of participation and agreeable moments sitting around the fire…

Our main goal is to preserve and divulge the wisdom and the traditional lifestyle of the mountain-peoples and we are fortunate to have in our family such wise old persons as Albino, Maria Ines ...), who are totally self-sufficient and are able to perform all the traditional jobs. So we do not miss an opportunity to organize seminars in which we learn how to make baskets, pandeiras, clogs, quilts on the loom, spinning, carding ... for there is no better way to learn than by doing the work yourself and in orderto keep the various tools and implements in good order, it is best to use them from time to time.
Students interested in learning the techniques of the mountain area have also participated in these sessions

We have 15 books filled with signatures, surveys, comments, etc and in these ledgers visitors to the museum have left their impressions, suggestions, etc…

Palloza-museo Casa do Sesto, Piornedo, Cervantes, Ancares, Lugo, Galiza, España