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“Amasar e traballar o barro fai posible apalpar as ideas, os soños.......despois a maxia do lume encárgase de facelos eternos”.


In the museum we have a small pottery shop, made by Fuco with motifs related to the region and traditions and, above all, with pallozas. It is a completely handmade pottery, small pieces of red or black clay, porcelain and stoneware combined with recycled vidro baked in an oven type "jar".

In addition to the pieces that remain in the exhibition, Fuco receive special parts orders for events (trophies, gifts ...). Orders should be made well in advance to design ycocer many times as necessary.

View some of the pieces made by Fuco


The exhibition and sale of pottery is made in a "cortello" palloza of the museum, as a service to you visitors. The place is small and uncomfortable (you have to bend over ...) but we wanted to respect fully the space formerly kept calves.

Palloza-museo Casa do Sesto, Piornedo, Cervantes, Ancares, Lugo, Galiza, España