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Origin and history
The house and surroundings
The frame-work
Distribution and uses

O ástrago

A alcoba

A porteleira

A corte das vacas

A cociña

Os cortellos

O tear

O forno

A barra

A barrela

O ástrago

On entering the house we step into a long, wide corridor (ástrago) which divides the dwelling into two parts; this is where they carved in wood, where they made wooden clogs, baskets during the winter, where they kneaded the bread and milked the cows and which also made the kitchen larger (at times several people gathered in here and here they danced ...
Here today we see the work -bench and carpenter tools, the thatcher’s tools, tools for making clogs and the feeding troughs for the cows which were milked as they chewed the cud.; here too is the large flour box, cupboards (cunqueiro) pasmois twigs used for lighting, feeding boxes and the baby walker... we want these items to be on view but at the same time we would like to preserve the original atmosphere inside.

Palloza-museo Casa do Sesto, Piornedo, Cervantes, Ancares, Lugo, Galiza, España