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Origin and history
The house and surroundings
The frame-work
Distribution and uses

O ástrago

A alcoba

A porteleira

A corte das vacas

A cociña

Os cortellos

O tear

O forno

A barra

A barrela


A corte das vacas

The cow-shed. When the cows were “at home” there would always be a thick layer of manure on the floor which at times crept up as far as the stairs. The stairway was never totally cleaned but was left full of cow manure since this kept the cows from getting hurt or slipping when entering or leaving. The cattle always entered through the front door of the house - the large gate at the far end was only opened to allow the cart in and to clean out the manure (this was done once or twice a year!).
Today this area is just for the cow-troughs and here we keep the tools and farming implements (they used to be kept under the granary.) The Roman plow, the iron plow carts, yokes, saddles, the coroza (overocat made of straw, the coladeira (used to whiten clothes) and so on. We also have a glass cabinet in which are small objects and books belonging to the family.

Palloza-museo Casa do Sesto, Piornedo, Cervantes, Ancares, Lugo, Galiza, España