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Origin and history
The house and surroundings
The frame-work
Distribution and uses

O ástrago

A alcoba

A porteleira

A corte das vacas

A cociña

Os cortellos

O tear

O forno

A barra

A barrela


O tear

At the end of the ástrago, on the right (where it always used to be - although this room also served as a bedroom) we can see the loom, where they made quilts, trousers of tow, capes (very resistant layers made of wool and linen), bedding, etc.. all by using different weaving techniques.

On the loom we have left a half finished patch-work quilt made with a plain warp, and on this loom we are going to weave a quilt; we also have many other different pieces of the loom -urdideira, (warping frame), caxón de urdir (warp box), the table for preparing lizos( heddles), and the high-warploom itself ...

Palloza-museo Casa do Sesto, Piornedo, Cervantes, Ancares, Lugo, Galiza, España